Sound is that which you experience when exposed to certain vibration frequencies. When a vibration moves through the air, you can hear it as a sound. Depending on the frequency of the vibration, a sound is either lower of higher.


If the vibration moves through a liquid, it will cause a wave effect. Depending on the frequency, the wave will either be bigger or smaller. An example of a vibration moving through a liquid can be seen on the picture of the singing bowl in the water.


As our bodies are in large part made up of liquids, a wave can run through the body. This allows vibrations to penetrate very deeply into the body.


Into Qi is specialised in relaxation by means of sound. A relaxed body can more easily maintain its balance and is therefore better able to fend against illness.


Sound can help:

  • To relax
  • To get (back) your balance
  • To achieve a better activation of energy
  • To support a healing process.


This is for instance achieved through:

  • Singing bowl massage
  • Relaxation using sound, a sound voyage