Are you suffering from:

  • A lack of energy?
  • Insomnia?
  • A rheumatic condition?
  • Chronic pain?
  • An aching scar?


Then a treatment using moxa could provide relief.


Moxa is made drying a plant known in English as mugwort (latin denomination artemisia vulgaris). The moxa is lighted and feels warm as a result. What’s more, lighting the moxa releases infrared radiation. This allows moxa to aid in the flow of energy through the body.


There are different types of moxa and treatment methods, the use of which depends on the condition the treatment is meant to alleviate and the part of the body that is treated.


Different treatment forms include:

  • A tiger warmer (a type of pen that contains a stick of moxa)
  • A moxa stick
  • Loose pieces of moxa