In its origins, guasha is a scraping method used by people in Southeast-Asia. It was mainly used as a home remedy by people who lived far from the city and any form of medical aid. After this technique was rediscovered in modern times, it was adapted to form the type of therapy which is used today.


In guasha, the skin is scraped with different, specially formed (precious) stones. All these stones have their own unique healing qualities. The materials used are all natural and include, among others, jade, rose quartz and basalt. Recent addition to these materials is a special scraper made from titanium.


In order not to damage the skin when treating humans, the stone is used in combination with a special guasha oil. This oil contains various ingredients which are believed to have healing qualities.


Guasha can:

  • Stimulate relaxation, both mental/emotional and physical
  • Lift blockades, both energetic and physical
  • Aid the body in the processing of toxines/waste
  • Aid the flow of Qi (energy)